Kelli Higgins

Kelli grew up in a small logging/railroad town in Montana. Daughter of a logger/railroading father & mother whom was a paralegal, she was raised with her younger sister to have a strong honest work ethic and small town values. She thrived in many sports although her most passionate was softball.

After a few troubling years living in Portland, OR she moved home to Montana and eventually married and had 2 children. Later divorced and has been a self-employed entrepreneur for the last decade in several endeavors including sales, construction, operating a restaurant and as of most recent a life/health insurance producer and marketer.

During her 20’s she found a passion towards health and lifting weights. This came in handy after having 2 wonderful boys & she needed to drop that baby weight. After many years of working on this, all while maintaining a career & children…an accident occurred with her youngest that threw her into an obsessive passion towards learning and exploring alternative health options, outside “normal” medical suggestions.

It was during this same period that she came to full awareness of world events, past and current, that lead her to look into alternatives to western medicine, including Rife/Tesla Frequency, which lead her to Healy (Health by Frequency) Microcurrent Frequency/Vibration Devices. Then a few months later she stumbled upon nutraceuticals with DNA anions (Beneficial Confections) and molecular hydrogen/electrolyzed reduced water (H2 Abundance). Our journeys with life & health are unique, the hope is we all find our way to enjoy it so we live a long happy life with many wonderful memories.