Jason Q

Jason was born a Bicentennial baby and raised in Northwest Indiana with his parents & now disowned sister. He enjoyed playing sports growing up especially baseball & men’s league/co-rec softball later in his years.
In 1997, Jason started working with the Ironworkers Union as an apprentice. He continued on in this career for multiple unions for over 20 years, including projects in Mississippi and the Jumbo Tron at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL, along with many others.

In July 2017, he suffered an accident on the job that impeded his ability to continue on the same path. One December day, Jason stumbled upon Abel Danger with Field McConnell among others on YouTube that created the biggest sexretary in Midwest history. Totes of notes and reams of dreams.

Since this event, Jason has searched high and low for documents and proof validating what the truth was. Including Q drops into the decoding & an immense amount of printed & categorized information to share with the people, including teaching others the mathematics behind the correlations he discusses