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One Republic Network - Voices For The New Republic

A fledgling musician straight out of High School, Dave attended Berklee College of Music in the ‘70s, and played in numerous bands in New England. He volunteered as a production manager at the University of Hartford’s radio station, WWUH, obtained his broadcasting license in ’79 and began working at area radio stations. As a staff announcer for affiliate TV stations in Connecticut in the ’80s-’90s, Dave began hosting a talk radio show at WATR in Waterbury, CT in 1995 and was a strong supporter of Veterans who returned from the Gulf War and were suffering from exposures to chemical and biological weapons. It was during this time that he teamed up and married Joyce Riley, RN/BSN and formed the American Gulf War Veterans Association (

In 1996, Joyce was asked to testify before the Presidents Commission on Gulf War Syndrome. After a brief and powerful presentation, she turned the remainder of her time over to Dave, where he sang a song into the record, challenging the government narrative and naming names. His lyric was deleted from the record. For the next four years, Dave and Joyce traveled the country, speaking at VFWs, America Legion posts, Churches and community centers, raising awareness of the plight of our veterans.

Eventually, they co-hosted “The Power Hour” (TPH), a national talk show on the GCN network for 10 years and provided information and health products free of charge to veterans. During those years, TPH produced four ground breaking documentary films, “911 In Plane Site”, “Beyond Treason”, “One Nation Under Siege” and “911 Ripple Effect”. Dave also recorded and released three albums of politically charged music to inspire, inform and motivate people into activism. (All available free on YouTube).

In 2009, Dave and Joyce parted ways and Dave travelled to South America to de-compress after almost two decades of tumbling down the “rabbit hole”. He spent the next seven years returning to his musical roots and returned to the US in 2016. The political climate that evolved in his absence has since prompted him to return to public life, join forces with Kelli Higgins, James White and Jason Janiszewski on the One Republic Network (ORN). His voice and music ring louder and truer today than they did over twenty years ago. Truth, unity and love is the message today as it was then.

Jason was born a Bicentennial baby and raised in Northwest Indiana with his parents & now disowned sister. He enjoyed playing sports growing up especially baseball & men’s league/co-rec softball later in his years.
In 1997, Jason started working with the Ironworkers Union as an apprentice. He continued on in this career for multiple unions for over 20 years, including projects in Mississippi and the Jumbo Tron at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL, along with many others.

In July 2017, he suffered an accident on the job that impeded his ability to continue on the same path. One December day, Jason stumbled upon Abel Danger with Field McConnell among others on YouTube that created the biggest sexretary in Midwest history. Totes of notes and reams of dreams.

Since this event, Jason has searched high and low for documents and proof validating what the truth was. Including Q drops into the decoding & an immense amount of printed & categorized information to share with the people, including teaching others the mathematics behind the correlations he discusses

Kelli grew up in a small logging/railroad town in Montana. Daughter of a logger/railroading father & mother whom was a paralegal, she was raised with her younger sister to have a strong honest work ethic and small town values. She thrived in many sports although her most passionate was softball.

After a few troubling years living in Portland, OR she moved home to Montana and eventually married and had 2 children. Later divorced and has been a self-employed entrepreneur for the last decade in several endeavors including sales, construction, operating a restaurant and as of most recent a life/health insurance producer and marketer.

During her 20’s she found a passion towards health and lifting weights. This came in handy after having 2 wonderful boys & she needed to drop that baby weight. After many years of working on this, all while maintaining a career & children…an accident occurred with her youngest that threw her into an obsessive passion towards learning and exploring alternative health options, outside “normal” medical suggestions.

It was during this same period that she came to full awareness of world events, past and current, that lead her to look into alternatives to western medicine, including Rife/Tesla Frequency, which lead her to Healy (Health by Frequency) Microcurrent Frequency/Vibration Devices. Then a few months later she stumbled upon nutraceuticals with DNA anions (Beneficial Confections) and molecular hydrogen/electrolyzed reduced water (H2 Abundance). Our journeys with life & health are unique, the hope is we all find our way to enjoy it so we live a long happy life with many wonderful memories.