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One Republic Network - Voices For The New Republic


GURPS WWII Classic All the Kings Men
Suppressed Transmission 2
Suppressed Transmission
Pyramid 3 59 Conspiracies
GURPS WWII Classic Weird War II
GURPS Classic Warehouse 23
GURPS Classic Villains
GURPS Classic Illuminati
GURPS Classic IOU.
GURPS Classic Flight 13
GURPS Classic Black Ops
GURPS Classic Best Of Pyramid Volume 1
Text Doc.pdf

The title of this work is simply "TEXT". For years there have been basically two sets of books kept on the Planet Earth. The set for the elite were called "text books" and they contained the Truth. The set of books for ordinary people were known [to the elite] as X-Text which means bad text or text filled with dis-information and propaganda with just a tiny bit of real truth to give them some sense of credibility. This book is in the for real "TEXT" format and it is not just for the elite - it is for everyone - for all the humans living on the Earth everywhere without regard to Caste or race or sex or anything else. This has not been done before, and the Author must confess that he went through a good bit of "interference" from various sources in the process of preparing this book which has been his life's work. Therefore, I trust that the generations who will use this book will share with me the some of the joy and fulfillment that I have experienced in the process of preparing this material.

Plan Theory.pdf

IT begins as all begins - a random thought, perhaps a dream - some fragment of the man within. You take it and examine it and expand upon it. It grows and grows, and suddenly - there it is

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