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Jospeh Biden_ On the Threshold of the New World Order

When this was written Joe Biden was just a US Senator. In this document he talked about financing China and Russia and has this false debate about Bush calling for New World Order. Biden clearly wants one but believes he knows best about how to bring it about.


No doubt you have heard about the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and the War on Happiness. However, you may not be familiar with the War on GOD, possibly because it would be an unpopular war to discuss publicly. By the "War on GOD" [definition] we mean the collection of strategies, methods and techniques which have the combined effect of preventing or seriously hampering the efforts of individuals to seek or achieve legitimate Spiritual enlightenment and the Soul's eventual returnto GOD.

Top Secret Medicine: Plane (Esotericism) | Natural And Legal

Originally, scholars had free access to the state of the art knowledge of the time. However, beginning around the 1940’s, knowledge was gradually split into two streams.

Searching For Secrets: Searching For Secrets | Plane (Esotericism) | Magic (Paranormal)
Level 2: Interplanetary Spaceflight | Space Exploration

LEVEL 2 is the name we have chosen to describe that strata of our society which exists but whichremains totally unknown to ordinary people who we designate as living on
LEVEL 1 . Some groups andtechnologies span both levels and we call them CROSSOVER GROUPS and CROSSOVERTECHNOLOGIES

Examples of pure Level 2 components would be the underground cities and installations on Earth, thebases on the moon and Mars and the Earth colonies on planets in other solar systems. The supremeleader of the United States, known as the "Chief of Military Intelligence" also exists only in Level 2.His identity as well as the fact that such a person exists at all is totally unknown to residents of Level 1.

Occult Practices of The United States
Basic history of US involvement in the Occult, Witchcraft and Sorcery in its quest for mind control technology
Terraform Delta: A Novel By W C Vetsch

Terraform Delta: A Novel By W C Vetsch All Rights Reserved Original Title:Terraform Delta Uploaded byW C VETSCH Description:A NOVEL BY W C VETSCH


BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY. Page 751. The plans of the corporeal worlds; overthrow of the doctrine of attraction of gravitation; no force existing or extending from one planet to another; neither light nor heat comes from the sun to the earth; the atmospherean vortices; the solar vortex; the great serpent (phalanx); defection of man's measurements of heavenly bodies; defections of the observations; magnifying power of vortices; cause of the photospheres, polar lights, velocities, electricity, magnetism, life, growth; meteors, nebula, clouds, wind and wind currents; ocean currents; how to regulate the temperature of the earth by man; how to bring rain showers; cause of tornadoes, waterspouts; famines, epidemics, and how to prophesy by astronomical knowledge.

Jason has a website which is a video archive of his shows
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