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Alma Mía 22 Commented:

"Love Jq...Thank you so much what you have done for humanity. We are all with you....blessing. And be vigilant not all that seem friendly are our friends."

Jeff Hazel Commented

  love one republic network with Jason Q with all the research he does deserves a lot off credit and followed by the other members off the team make it a night to remember and really glad I joined Thank you very much and well done

Robert Commented

Just to let you guys know a friend of mine that absolutely hates us patriots told me yesterday Trump and Melania both got the vaccination and she showed.


One Republic Network is hosting a 24 Hour Truth Speaker Marathon that will begin on 10/29 at 10PM EST and will run through 10/30 till 10/11PM EST.
We chose this time frame as a positive higher energy consciousness against the negative evil energy related to the upcoming holiday. This will open new eyes to learn new information from people they may not have seen or heard speak before. The excitement for this project has been amazing & we hope you will JOIN US in this mission of raising the consciousness, energy, frequency and knowledge to the masses fighting the evil who has reigned here for too long.


10 PM: Viviane Chauvet
11 PM: Lewis Herms & Nick Alvear
12 AM: Peter Benson & Carole Friesen
1 AM: Donna Bradenburg
2 AM: Tina Silvestri & Kelli
3 AM: Dylan Louis Monroe & Jason Q
4 AM: Fiona McMurdo & Kelli
5 AM: Fiona McMurdo & Kelli
6 AM: Cirsten W & Riss Flex
7 AM: Mark Attwood & JC Kay (Jacy Kattan)
8 AM: Charlie Ward & Jason Q
9 AM: Victor Bugge & Analog
10 AM: To Be Announced
11 AM: Carole Friesen & Kelly Love
12 PM: Siaka Massaquoi & Lewis Herms
1 PM: Michael Jaco & Jason Q Janiszewski
2 PM: Maria Benardis & Dilara Esengil
3 PM: Christopher James & Kelli
4 PM: Candi & Kidd Schultz & Janie Lin
5 PM: Spiritually Raw
6 PM: David Weiss & Santos Bonacci
7 PM: Annetta Driskall
8 PM: Dr Brian Isley
9 PM: Dr Brian Isley
10 PM: Jason Q Janiszewski & Kelli Higgins-Jones

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